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What is the manufacturing level of stainless steel chain wheel related to?

Issuing time:2021-06-09 11:07

Stainless steel chain is a common driving device. It reduces friction through hyperbolic arc chain design. It adopts relatively large power and slow running speed, which is obviously better than belt drive. However, the speed change speed cannot be too fast, because the flexibility of stainless steel chain wheel is not as flexible as that of belt. Experienced users know that stainless steel chain wheel is easy to loosen in use, This is related to the accuracy of stainless steel chain wheel.

Generally, manufacturing enterprises using stainless steel industrial chain wheels have the following three aspects of precision management level. In order to improve the service network life of economic chain drive, it is recommended to design and manufacture stainless steel chain wheels according to one-order precision, and the tooth shape of steel chain wheels can be cut with iron disc cutter, The stainless steel chain with chain length of 1 is wound on the chain wheel with multiple teeth Z in China to study the dynamics when winding on the drive wheel through the traction member. The gear of the stainless steel chain is wound on each time node of the stainless steel chain to engage.

Through the previous introduction, it is not difficult to see that the quality of stainless steel chain wheel is closely related to the effective use of stainless steel chain wheel, so as to ensure that the manufacturing of stainless steel chain wheel meets the requirements and the heat treatment safety procedures of stainless steel chain. Now, stainless steel chain manufacturers must understand the heat treatment procedures of stainless steel parts before use, It is necessary to verify whether the mechanical transmission parts are burned and corroded.

While checking the tension of the stainless steel chain, the cleanliness and corrosion degree between various parts of the stainless steel chain can also be observed. If there is time, the stainless steel chain can be quickly cleaned and lubricated. There are fixing screws on the rear wheels of most models.

The above is the manufacturing level of stainless steel chain wheel and what is related to it. I hope it will be helpful to you!

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