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Fatigue and invalidation of transmission chain and application of two speed

Issuing time:2021-06-09 11:16

There are various types of drive chains, including plate chains and two speed chains. Fatigue and invalidity is a difficult problem of plate chain, but for two speed chain, proper application is very important. Mastering this professional knowledge is beneficial to increase the service life of the transmission chain.

Because industrial equipment usually must operate continuously for 24 hours, the transmission chain, as the key component of the transmission chain, must have high requirements. Because if the fatigue value is low, the transmission chain will be invalid and ineffective quickly.

If the drive chain is overweight in the whole process of operation, it will crack or be easy to shrink. However, the supporting force on the loose side of the transmission chain is different from that on the loose side, so the working attitude of the transmission chain is to alternately change the tensile stress. After a certain insitu stress cycle system, the transmission chain will be damaged because of insufficient fatigue limit.

When the transmission chain is invalid, the surface nitriding problem can be solved only by strengthening the stress.

The two speed drive chain is generally only used as a two speed chain conveyor. According to its instantaneous velocity and culvert number, the supporting column can operate rapidly beyond a specific position. When all machines and equipment are used normally, due to normal or accidental damage, various abnormal conditions will occur in the double speed chain. At this time, be sure to stop it immediately and repair it immediately to prevent major safety accidents.

However, it is not allowed to repair the two speed chain without the approval of the technical maintenance staff or the technical maintenance staff; In addition, be sure to cut off the power before maintenance, and do not operate with electricity.

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