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Precautions for cleaning and lubrication of stainless steel chain

Issuing time:2021-06-09 11:17

Stainless steel chain, as an ordinary transmission device, can't be careless when cleaning and using, otherwise it will affect its use effect. Stainless steel chains are generally designed with hyperbolic arc in order to reduce friction and are used in places with large power and slow running speed.

But after each use, we must not forget to clean the stainless steel chain, especially in rainy days and humid environment. Dry cloth is required to wipe the chain and its accessories; If necessary, clean the gap between the chains with an old toothbrush to remove the sediment and dirt accumulated between the chains.

When cleaning the stainless steel chain, you can use warm soapy water, but remember not to use strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners, because these chemicals will damage or even break the chain. In addition, do not clean the stainless steel chain with solvent added solution, which will cause damage to the chain.

In addition, organic solvents such as degreasing oil should be avoided in the cleaning process of stainless steel chain, which will not only damage the environment, but also wash off the lubricating oil at the bearing parts. Now that we have talked about lubricating oil, we would like to emphasize the lubrication requirements of stainless steel chains.

Lubricity is very important for stainless steel chain, so no matter what structure and shape of the chain, it should be reasonably lubricated. There are two ways to complete this work, one is direct lubrication, and the other is lubrication after cleaning.

The precondition of direct lubrication is that the stainless steel chain itself is relatively clean, and sprinkler lubricating oil products can be directly selected for lubrication. The stainless steel chain is lubricated after cleaning, which is more suitable for the dirty state of the chain.

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